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Every company has a story to tell and so do we! Welcome to Framework Studio! Before we start you ought to know about us! Framework Studio is one of our fresh ventures under the young minds of Akhil Gupta who started his journey since the days of college.

At Framework Studio we challenge each of us to know our limits and defy them, because if your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough. We live our life on the edge and push ourselves every single day to do things differently.

People at Framework Studio share a conjoint belief that architecture is not merely a means to shape ideas but is also a reflection of time and culture. We believe in keeping the core values of the surroundings intact while also creatively blending in the modernity.

Framework Studio and its team value highly the power of a ‘Design’ since through design can we achieve threefold target of beauty, functionality and stability- the three most important and basic requirements to be fulfilled by an Architect, Designer or Planner for any building to be called a Healthy Building.

At Framework Studio, we challenge each of us to know our limits and defy them, because if your dreams don't scare you they aren't big enough. We live our life on the edge and push ourselves every single day to do things differently.

Visualising ourselves to be the hand backing every iconic building, Framework Studio also yearns to achieve such excellence so as to provide solution to every designing, planning, architectural need from somebody at home to big corporate firms and companies.

All art is created from nothing into something. Our imagination piece together concepts which we then transform and manipulate mass to fill space.
We use FRAMEWORK to house these pieces, and we see the emptiness that surrounds them as potential for new ideas.

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Every step in our elaborate & meticulously planned production process in a crucial link in the chain of creation. In a logical flow the stages play out one after the other to finally culminate in a finished product that satisfies the client and meets our benchmark of exellence.

01.  Architecture Design architecture-img

Residential  /  Home Design  /  Commercial Design| Office Design  /  Landscape Design  /  Interior Design

02.  2D/3D Visualization img_7

2D Drafting  /  Working Drawings  /  3D Rendering, Designing  /  3D Modelling

03.  Animation (2D/3D) architecture-img3

Character Animation  /  Motion Graphics  /  2D Animation  /  3D Animation

04.  Product Designing architecture-img4

Household  /  Furnishing  /  Outdoor  /  Others

05.  Interior Design architecture-img5

Residential  /  Home Design  /  Commercial Design  /  Office Design  /  Landscape Design

06.  Building Construction architecture-img6

Plumbing  /  Electrical  /  Parking  /  IBMS  /  Waterproofing

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An idea that is
not dangerous
is unworthy of
being called an
idea at all.

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If everyone is
moving forward
together, then
success takes
care of itself.

Abhishek Gupta Managing Partner

A Harvard alumnus and has made big his name in the IT industry with his Company ‘Indian Mesh Pvt. Ltd’, a boutique IT Solutions Firm.

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Akhil Gupta Creative Director/Co-Partner

After completing his professional degree in Architecture, the young enthusiast now heads towards touching the sky with his ‘never say never’ approach and great communication skills.

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It can get really hectic with offices and deadlines and it’s good to have a company that understands that.

Group housing project

They are really fun to work with. I came out with a whole new perspective on how to do it easily and in a smart way.Cheers

Dtb Bank
Not just on the outside, what's within a structure is also Architecture, whereas it isn't limited to that. Art and Architecture are limitless- to perceive, conceive and execute and every step on the way embraces Architecture. Akhil Gupta Creative Director/Co-Partner
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